Discover Canton, the way you want to, with CantonSmart

Our GPS app helps you navigate through Canton, Ohio's food scene and its rich history with an enjoyable experience.

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Historic Images

Thanks to a partnership with the Ramsayer Research Library at the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum we have 30+ photos from 1956 to compare with your view of the corner today to show you a dynamic interactive history known as inverted intersections.


Coming Soon

This beta version is just a teaser, something to show you a bit of what this app will be and a lot of what Canton has to offer. Stay tuned for all of its improvements that are coming soon! Please provide us your feeback here.


Forever and ever

CantonSmart was born in the hearts and minds of middle schoolers with TomTod, because of that we will always keep this app free for the community, Canton is always number one in our hearts.

From the minds of locals, into the hands of tourists.

CantonSmart was dreamt up by Aaron Massey and Gwyneth Douce, two Canton, Ohio students. They worked with TomTod Ideas, an idea incubator for middle school students focused on the common good. With the help of local mentors, CantonSmart was brought to life. Starting with this beta release, there are many expansion ideas for the future.

We invite you to download, play with, and provide feedback on the app. Most importantly we hope you will continue to check back with us as we release many cool features in coming iterations, including curation, push notifications, automatic discounts and more.

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